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The web is a important field which is growing, many technologies appears allowing to make more and more just with a browser. That's why I decided to learn these tomorrow's technologies. I'm working everyday in this area with growing technologies like React and GraphQL.


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Databases are the content's holders. When interfaced with APIs, we can easily fetch datas and use them.


  • C / C++
  • Unity / C#
  • Java

Languages like C are very useful when it comes about system programming. You can directly act on the memory, which make it a very attractive field (embedded systems or native video games).


  • Windows image
  • ArchLinux image
  • Fedora image

It is very important t know how to use an operating system because it is the beginning for all IT or network development. Linux is a big part in servers and I really love the open-source world.


  • CCNA (lessons in progress)

I'm following Cisco academy with certified teachers. It gave me a high level of network knowledge, which is not to ignore to solve problems or setting up a little network.

Structured languages

  • XML
  • JSON (with APIs)
  • YAML

Saving and structuring data is useful, especially when it comes with manipulation or developing APIs.



As always fascinated by graphics design, I'm currently working for Prototypo. It's a typedesign tool that can help you build the font you want et the technology behind enables us to showcase interactive visual experiments.

Brezeliad : A Tale of Brocéliande

It has been promoted in Stunfest 2014. Made in C++ with SFML 2.1, it's about local history from where I was born.
More informations on the website's game.


Game made in 2014 during Global Game Jam (video game making in 48 hours). This game is a concept in which the player moves towards blindly in his memory and must guide himself to some points. It was made in C++ with SFML 2.1.

Heart of Jump

Game made in 2013 during Global Game Jam (contest to create a video game in 48 hours). This game is mixing rythm and runner game. It has been made in C++ with SFML 2.0.

French website about video games made by people during their free time. Currently, this website is frozen but a new version is coming.

8-Bit Robot Music Party

Game made in 2011 during highschool in a contest organised by engineer school EFREI. It mixes rythm and platforms game. With it, we won 3 prizes : 2nd place in Software category, Favorite prize and Special prize.

What's next ?

Interested in visual experiments and interactivity. Teach and train people with things I know motivates me too!